Mars Attacks! (source: Slate)

In two days from now, retrograde Mars moves within a one-degree orb of a square with my natal sun. With the planet stationary in about two weeks time, that means that this square is going to stay in orb for roughly the entire month of November.

That’s not the greatest news, but it’s not as if I didn’t see it coming. In fact, I’ve published a couple of posts about the astrological event, predicting what would happen to me. Two months ago, for instance, I wrote the following in a post titled “Mars Stations”:

“From late October through early December, retrograde Mars will slip back into my sixth house. The current tension I’m feeling at home could possibly shift to my professional environment. That makes sense because I am expecting to go back to work at the end of this month. I doubt that the transition to a post-lockdown workplace is going to be easy. Honestly, I believe that I can handle that a lot more easily than my current circumstances. I expect to be stressed out at work. Still, the fact that Mars’ next station occurs exactly square my natal sun concerns me. It puts a killing spree back on the table.

I’m kidding, of course! Still, I’m just going to have to be sure that the negative energy I’m internalizing throughout this phase is redirected in a positive manner so that it doesn’t build up, eventually causing a short-circuit or some kind of explosion. Hopefully, I’ll just keep gardening and working out (my traditional methods of dealing with stress) so that I don’t succumb to the worst of what this Mars retrograde has to offer.”

My job has been somewhat stressful, but only because of disorganization at a more-senior level that has nothing to do with me. I can only can be responsible for my own work, so at the moment I’m not too stressed-out by the chaos caused by the decisions of others. I’m going to try as much as I can to not let it get to me, just as pledged to do in the passage I posted above.

What really fascinates me about this prediction and my current attitude during a rather uncommon transit of a so-called “malefic” planet is that I seem to handle bad things occurring in my chart better than I handle good things happening in my chart. After blogging about my own circumstances for a few years now, I’ve discovered just how stupid I can be when my horoscope is all sunshine and roses. During fortunate transits of the so-called “benefic” planets, my innate optimism causes me to make terrible decisions. The opposite occurs when Mars and Saturn enter the picture.

For that reason, I’m not really worried about the next big assault on my natal chart when “Saturn attacks Mars!” this coming February. In fact, I’m sort of looking forward to the sequel because I’ve learned so much about the way that I conduct myself in a crisis.

Astrologically speaking, it feels good to know who my enemies are.

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