Beyoncé (source: YouTube)

Here’s a photo of Beyoncé, the first person who shows up when you search “Libra rising” on

The reason I was thinking about her is because I’ve been thinking about sharing a story about how vain and superficial I am — something I attribute in part to my Libra rising.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to appear on Ross Mathew’s “Straight Talk” podcast. Knowing I was going to be on the show, I immediately thought about staging the background behind my desktop computer so that it would look nice. I didn’t really have to do much because I keep my house very clean and I have good taste to spare. But I did move around a little Lalique crystal and cut some gorgeous cactus dahlias from my garden to create a pleasing Mise-en-scène. I wore one of Missoni shirts and made sure to shave the day before (I look good with a little stubble on my face).

I even went as far as calling my niece who considers herself to be an “influencer.” She brought over a light and I got her to give me a little input on my webcam setup. I double-checked that my Zoom app was up to date, and I was ready to go.

However, when Ross Mathews messaged me to join the Zoom call on the day of taping the podcast, I got a message that Zoom needed to update. Normally, you click the update link and it takes less than a minute. As fate would have it, every time I attempted to update my app, I got an error message.

So, I briefly panicked, but within a few minutes I had opened Zoom on a laptop and jumped into the meeting without even thinking about any of my preparations. I didn’t want to disappoint Ross Mathews who only records the video for a select group of fans (most people who tune in just listen to the podcast).

I’m typically all-business in a pressure situation because of my Capricorn sun, so I was able to solve the problem as it happened. The last thing I wanted to do was appear late or unprofessional to someone who was providing me with such a unique opportunity. But, with my Libra rising, I was so annoyed by this episode that I have yet to watch myself online because I know that I spent the entire time with a laptop camera aimed up into my nostrils. I worked so hard to make myself look as good as possible, and then everything fell apart at the last minute.

I’ve got some terrific feedback from the appearance on “Straight Talk,” so I shouldn’t fret. Still, the Libra rising in me wanted to give the audience something a lot nicer to look at. I suppose that this is how Beyoncé felt when she slid down that staircase.

Oh well! If she got over it, I guess I can, too . . .

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