Biden & Trump (source: WSJ)

With only a few days left until the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, it’s interesting to note that Saturn is virtually stuck in the sky right now. What’s more, it’s stuck on a degree that is extremely important in the charts of both candidates.

The ringed planet goes direct this coming Tuesday morning — the same day as the debate. Saturn stations at 25°20″ Capricorn, opposing Joe Biden’s natal Jupiter by 12″, and opposing Donald Trump’s natal Venus by 24″. I wouldn’t say that either of the candidates are going to be acutely affected by this slow-moving transit, but it has been providing a “theme” to both of their campaigns for months already.

Transiting Saturn opposing Jupiter in Joe Biden’s chart manifests as an exercise in patience. Essentially, I would interpret the aspect as a good time for anyone to “get their ducks in a row.” Transiting Saturn opposing Venus in Donald Trump’s chart is the sort of aspect that would cause a normal person to take an inventory of their self-worth. Donald Trump, however, is a compulsive liar and a soulless narcissist, so when he looks inward, there’s really nothing there to see.

In either case, I don’t really see this debate changing the minds of voters because most anyone who supports Donald Trump has already lost their mind. Nevertheless, Trump’s chart is actually far more afflicted at the moment than Biden’s because his natal Saturn is actually bookended by both stationary Saturn and stationary Pluto. It’s a Karmic assault on the one person in the world who deserves bad Karma the most.

For that reason, I’ll give Biden the edge this Tuesday. Of course, I am biased toward people who possess souls . . .

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