Heather Locklear (source: USA Today)

September 25 is Heather Locklear’s birthday.

When I saw that it was Heather Locklear’s birthday, I remembered that I wanted to look up the history between her and Denise Richards because it came up during the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion show. Not only did I do that, I also looked up her natal chart.

Whoa! I thought that I had it tough right now. Heather Locklear’s chart is terrible. With both Saturn and Pluto virtually stationed in Capricorn, and Mars backing up in Aries, anyone with cardinal points or planets from about 24°-28° is going to be having a rough year. Heather Locklear has her natal moon at 24°34″ Aries, Mars at 26°07″ Libra, Saturn at 23°14″ Capricorn, and Jupiter at 27°20″ Capricorn.

Essentially, the terrible T-square that is making everything terrible right now is repeated in Heather Locklear’s natal chart — just with a few planets shifted around.

I know that she’s had some mental health issues in the past that have allegedly been exacerbated by substance abuse. At the moment, I imagine the world might seem quite bleak to her. Nevertheless, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud that is currently hanging over her. Over the next two weeks, all this bullshit is finally coming to an end. I know this because I’ve been waiting for my chart to get better.

As 2020 draws to a close, her chart is going to begin to lighten up. With the way the retrograde planets are currently affecting her, I recommend that she actually starts to make her struggles public. With so much going on in her eleventh house, I imagine that getting friends on her side in public forums is going to be therapeutic. I can see her fans being her salvation.

Some people can work out their problems in private, while others can figure things out in private. In this case, I hope that she chooses to open up because I can’t see this working out otherwise. I’m worried for her.

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