Donald Trump (source: Politico)

I’ve been predicting a Karmic reckoning for the Donald Trump for almost as long as I’ve been writing this blog. Just two days ago, I published a post entitled “Debate Preview” where I claimed that the Manchurian Pumpkin was going to have both Saturn and Pluto simultaneously assault his natal Venus/Saturn conjunction just in time for a brutal presidential debate with Joe Biden. Little did I know, the “New York Times” was going to beat Biden to the punch.

What makes yesterday’s news even more delightful is that both Saturn and Pluto are stationary right now. For the entire month of October, leading right up to election day, Donald Trump’s chart isn’t going to get any better.

I haven’t felt this hopeful or optimistic for ages. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I was due for some good Karma yesterday when the news of Trump’s tax avoidance/evasion was announced. The north node was exactly conjunct my natal Jupiter last night — something that only happens every eighteen-and-a-half years.

I know that this isn’t about me, but Donald Trump and his ilk are a constant assault on my psyche and one of the greatest stressors in my life. I have an innate urge to see justice served with my Libra rising sign, and no matter how many times I convince myself to take a break from American politics, I can’t turn away until I know that things are going to get better. I want goodness to prevail and I want to move on.

Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with myself for putting my prediction out into the universe. While I have asserted recently that Donald Trump’s self-worth was a viable target, I may have overstated the effectiveness of attacking his appearance. With Venus afflicted, that made sense to me. But it looks like his “worth” — or lack thereof — was his real soft spot. Still, that’s not going to stop me from pointing out how fucking ugly he is in future posts. My prediction may not have been perfect, but I wasn’t wrong about that . . .

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