This annual aspect will be exact tomorrow afternoon. What’s amazing to me is that I could have written this post today. I should be learning something from watching these themes recur in my life, right?

Star Struck Style

DjlhN77U0AAktopTrump Supporter (source: Twitter)

I’ve been discussing how content I’ve felt over the last few weeks. I’m not really in a rush to do anything. I’m not particularly hostile toward the people I’d like to see punched in the face. I’m not feeding the trolls on my social media accounts.

However, the sun forms its annual opposition with my natal Mars tomorrow. My horoscope interprets the upcoming event as follows:

This is a day of critical culminations, when many activities and projects will come to a climax in your life. It is particularly important that you have worked with complete knowledge and understanding of what you were trying to accomplish. Even under the best of circumstances, you will confront others at this time. For most people the area of greatest unconsciousness in this regard is that of close personal relationships, as with family and partner. In these relationships you…

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