Mercury (source: Business Insider)

Mercury conjoins my midheaven tomorrow. Just before that happens, the planet forms its annual opposition with Pluto. While the opposition should foster some paranoia in the world at large, the conjunction hits a little closer to home for me.

Sometime today, I’ll get another update about the gym where I work, and maybe I’ll even find out when we’re going to reopen. I hope so, because I’m really, really bored. I’m almost ready to find something else to do. Even though jobs are hard to come by at the moment, I’m starting to feel as if I’ll do anything to get out of the house. Anything!

But I’m going to try to exercise some caution so that I don’t jump into something without considering the long-term repercussions of my actions. Last year on this day, Mercury was actually stationed in the exact same place. I became unemployed on July 31, 2019, and that is when I decided to apply for the job I have today. It’s kind of a full-circle moment, only last year Mercury’s conjunction with my MC was paired with Saturn’s conjunction to my natal sun.

This time it’s moving into my tenth house rather quickly (and separating from its opposition to Pluto quickly), so I don’t expect its influence to become the theme of the summer. And I don’t expect its brief opposition with Pluto to make me so paranoid about my job prospects that I decide to do something rash. It’s a holiday on Monday, anyway, so there will not be a lot of opportunities for me to screw up before this aspect abates. Who is looking to hire anyone on a sunny long weekend?

Normally, the ingress of Mercury into my tenth house would make me a little more ambitious and eager to communicate my desire to work with a prospective employer; I consider transiting Mercury conjunct the midheaven to be an empowering aspect. This year, the stars are telling me to take a step back — at least for now! I’d be a fool not to listen to them.

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