Lucky Charms (source: The Daily Meal)

I’m feeling lucky today. I’ve got Mars on the cusp of my seventh house, and when it actually moves into that sector in a couple of hours, maybe I’ll stop feeling so anxious about not working due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. I’ve also got transiting Venus about to conjoin my natal Jupiter. Obviously, that means I’m going to win the lottery tomorrow.

Or maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. Venus conjunct Jupiter is a lucky aspect, but what I’ve noticed about these Venus transits is that I want to feel good, and that I’ll go out of my way to feel good. It makes me quite decadent. I’ll have a good couple of days, but only because I behave with a little more reckless abandon than usual. I suppose that has something to do with these planets meeting up in my ninth house.

Even if I don’t win the lottery, I could use a couple of days of feeling like the planets aren’t conspiring against me. The day has barely begun and I already feel as if things are going my way.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to eat a whole box of Lucky Charms to see if it helps.

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