Fire by the Pointer Sisters (source: Discogs)

By the time I get out of bed tomorrow, the sun will have entered Leo.

Leo is a fire sign, and I could use a little fire under my feet right about now. Where I live, the summer has been wet and cool. I don’t really mind that because I hate the heat. But with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto lingering near the bottom of my chart, the current astrological climate has been rather chilly. I haven’t felt much passion for anything for quite a while.

But this shift should do me some good. I also had Venus move into my ninth house yesterday afternoon (after a retrograde retreat to my eighth house that seemed to last forever). With Mars currently transiting Aries and the sun in Leo, the sky has taken on a rather fiery character. If those ingresses translate to a more enthusiastic outlook for me, I’ll be grateful. Along with my ruling planet now situated in a house that corresponds to a fire sign, I might be able to generate the fervor to do something more thrilling than what I’ve been doing. I feel as if I haven’t been able to get excited about much of anything lately.

Oh well — at least I have my health. With everything else going on in the world, I shouldn’t complain. I’ll wait until the sun enters picky Virgo before I do that!

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