Roadblock (source: Entrepreneur)

The new moon is about to arrive in Cancer. I believe that this is the most important new moon of the year because it occurs just minutes away from retrograde Saturn which has just recently slipped back into Capricorn.

I read a blurb on “Cafe Astrology” that provided the perfect analogy for this uncommon planetary configuration:

“This is the first New Moon in Cancer that hasn’t been an eclipse since 2017. While this means it is a more ‘regular’ New Moon, it does pack a punch with its tight opposition to Saturn. It’s also the second New Moon in Cancer in 2020. We can feel blocked and throttled, and this can fuel our desire/need to start fresh.”

One of the best ways to look at this lineup of the luminaries with Saturn is to try to understand what it is that is blocking you from moving forward. For me, with the new moon in my tenth house and Saturn in my fourth house, it’s the idea that people will make assumptions about me because of the projects I choose to pursue in my home-based writing career/sideline. I often deal in frivolous subjects as a writer, and I just need to get over the fact that people may equate my lack of seriousness with a lack of education or intelligence. I have nothing to prove to anyone, and to paraphrase the words of RuPaul’s mother, “Unless they are paying your bills, pay those bitches no mind.”

So, when this new moon arrives in three hours, I’m going to take a good look at what I can do to resurrect one of the million-or-so unfinished writing projects I’ve started. Then I need to kick down the roadblock I’ve set up when I’ve stopped myself from pursuing that project because I’ve worried about what the other astrologers think of me. Honestly, with the garbage I read on Twitter every day, I can’t understand why I let the opinions of others get to me. I know, right?

Just a few hours after the new moon arrives, Venus enters my ninth house. The ninth house does relate to publishing, and Venus is the ruler of my ascendant. Of course, my rising sign is people-pleasing Libra, which explains much of what I’ve just said about myself. Nevertheless, it’s an auspicious day for me to get past the bullshit that keeps me from doing what I do best and put the pedal to the metal.

Is there something blocking you? Today is a good day to figure out what that is and how you’re going get moving again.

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