It’s amazing that I can look back a couple of years to a planetary transit that is recurring today only to discover that I feel as if I’m in the exact same place.

Star Struck Style

R-404501-1327101059.jpegExotica (source: Discogs)

Check out that eyeliner! I guess that’s what was considered to be “exotica” in the early sixties.

Venus enters my ninth house in the next few hours. I know what it means for me, but I always visit a couple of sites just to see if there’s something I’m missing in my interpretation of the transit. I like Cafe Astrology because it’s descriptions of transits are short and sweet. I can do without the flaky ramblings of most esoteric astrologers.

Anyway, the first line of the Cafe Astrology passage got my attention. It read “A taste for the exotic takes hold during this cycle.” I sort of shudder when I hear the word “exotic” because so many people use it to describe something that is “foreign” to them, but perfectly normal to others. I avoid using it when I’m writing about fashion, although I have used…

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