Ivanka (source: Times of Israel)

I was looking into the near future to see if anything interesting was going on in the sky. I noticed that Monday’s new moon in Cancer is almost exactly opposite Saturn in Capricorn.

This will be the second new moon in Cancer since the sun entered the sign. That gives all of us a figurative “second chance” to deal with whatever didn’t work out when the first new moon in Cancer occurred on June 21. For instance, I resolved to work out more and eat less. I’ve been pretty well-behaved for the last month or so, but I could always do a little better. I overeat when I’m stressed out, so I’ve been trying to practice some alternative stress-relief. I’ve gone for a couple of massages, and I’ve expanded my workout regimen so that I don’t feel as if I’m enslaved by a particular schedule. For a Capricorn with a Cancer moon, that’s quite an accomplishment! I can honestly go decades without changing my routine.

When Monday’s new moon arrives, I’m going to stop for a moment to contemplate how I can continue along this more self-disciplined path. I’m also going to resolve to stay on the lookout for new employment opportunities. With the sun making its annual opposition to Saturn at the same time it is conjoined with the moon, I expect Monday to be a bad day for a lot of people who are unemployed due to the pandemic. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of us who were waiting to return to work received news that we won’t be returning at all.

I could be among those people. I was already told that I would be going back to work, only to be informed that the reopening plans were on hold at the gym where I am employed.

Anyway, for several million of us, our fate is out of our hands at the moment. So, when a stupid twat like Ivanka Trump tells us to “find something new” in between illegally shilling beans, we might have no alternative but to listen to what she has to say.

I hope I’m wrong . . .

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