An infrared view of Saturn
Saturn (source: Hubble Space Telescope)

After Saturn made its retrograde move back into Capricorn on Sunday evening, I had kind of a bad night. I’m not an anxious person, but I hard time falling asleep. I don’t know if that had much to do with Saturn, though. At the same time, retrograde Jupiter was conjunct my IC and moving back into my third house. I believe that’s what kept me up because all I could think about while I was trying to get to sleep was the lack of opportunities I’ve had lately. To me, that seems far more like a Jupiter/IC concern.

Anyway, once I finally got to sleep, I had a pretty good night. And then I woke up in a much different place. With Saturn in Capricorn, I could see the path ahead of me more clearly. As I’ve mentioned a million times before on this blog, it’s all uphill from here. And yet I feel strong and capable of climbing back to the top.

The modus operandi for a Capricorn like me is to take two steps forward for every step I fall back. However, sometimes I feel as if I can sprint up the mountain if I can just stay focused on that goal. With Saturn returning to Capricorn for a few more months, it just seems easier for me to maintain the focus. I’m not overthinking what I have to do to regain my footing: I’m just doing it.

Hopefully, this wasn’t just a fleeting episode of determination. I feel good again today — ready to take on the world! Looking at what the stars have in store for me in the not-too-distant future, I should be optimistic, too. I’m starting to feel as if the worst of this star-crossed year is finally behind me.

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