Kim & Jr. (source: ABC News)

Well, I was hoping that I would wake up to find out that Donald Trump was dead, but that didn’t happen. On the bright side, because the Manchurian Pumpkin didn’t expire after 1260 days in power, I no longer have to believe that he’s the Antichrist as foretold in Revelations. Instead, I can just accept that he’s a pile of shit and the worst human being on the planet.

Speaking of horrible human beings, I was happy to learn that trout-faced, Pisces hooker Kimberly Guilfoyle has tested positive for COVID-19. Those fish lips have been working overtime at campaign events for Trump, undoubtedly spreading the virus far and wide. Oh, the humanity!

I had a look at her natal chart and I couldn’t believe what I saw! She has a close conjunction of Saturn and Venus in Aries at 23°45″ and 25°32″ respectively. Donald Trump has the same two planets conjoined in Cancer at 23°49″ and 25°44″ respectively. For that reason, I was predicting that this would be a terrible week for Donald Trump because of the retrograde conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto at 24°05″ Capricorn. The same aspect that opposed Trump’s conjunction is squaring Kimberly’s conjunction.

Maybe Donald Trump isn’t out of the woods yet! Perhaps something terrible has happened and I just don’t know what it is yet. On social media, some people have let me know that the 1260 days mentioned in Revelations is also described as a forty-two month reign in some passages. This is the forty-second month of Trump’s presidency and it will be until July 20, 2020. If he contracts COVID-19 and drops dead by then, there still is a chance that he is the Antichrist — and there still is a chance that I may need to reconsider my spiritual path.

In the meantime, I’m just going to thank my lucky stars that I’m bright enough to wear a fucking mask while practicing social distancing, unlike the idiots in the photo I posted above. That cautious, Capricorn-like approach to the current cosmic climate will come in handy if I need to go Bible shopping in the not-too-distant future . . .

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