Nightflight to Venus (source: Amazon)

When I wake up tomorrow, Venus will have gone direct.

I’m looking forward to the change. The planet went retrograde in my ninth house, and then slipped back into my eighth house. Right now, it’s hovering just about a degree away from my natal north node. I’ve read a lot of interpretations about that aspect, but none of them really satisfy me. I’ve got my natal north node in the Karmic eighth house, and Venus is the ruler of my ascendant, so you would think that a Venus station at that particular point would be something that I would notice. Nope! At least I don’t seem to be aware of the aspect’s effect on my relationships, and that’s where almost every single astrologer wants to go when they attempt to interpret this rather uncommon event. Blah!

I did find an interesting passage on “Cafe Astrology” that describes the direct station of Venus in the eighth house as follows:

“Ask and you shall receive, but you’ve got to know what to ask for and who to ask, both of which may have been the subject of some confusion of late. After feeling around for the answers, resolution now becomes more accessible and the resources available for you to draw upon become a bit more clear. The key may be to focus on one thing at a time and not to scatter your shots and waste your powder. Pick a target and go after it until it yields up what you want. Besiege the objects of your desire until they surrender to your resolve. A broadening of your vision will result from drawing intensely on your surroundings.”

This interpretation does resonate a little more with me for a few reasons, but mostly because I haven’t been able to focus on one thing or pick a target lately. At the same time, I kind of feel as if Karma owes me something. I’ve had lucky breaks before. I haven’t had one in a while. I sometimes feel as if I’m dangling from a rope, like the guy in the photo I posted above. I suppose that has something to do with Jupiter and Pluto about to conjoin my IC again, making me feel as if the only way to go is up. I could just keep climbing, or fate could just pull me up. It happens to other people all the time. I’d be happy if it happened to me.

But if it doesn’t, I’ll just keep going. Over the next couple of weeks, a few of these lingering transits are going to resolve themselves as this season of retrogrades starts to wind down, starting with Venus’ ascent to the top of my chart. I can’t wait!

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