Bacchantes Champagne Bucket (source: lalique.com)

Last night’s full moon in Libra had me looking at my own chart in a different way. It not only lined up just a degree away from my ascendant as the handle in a perfect bucket formation, but it was flanked by Pluto and the north node at crucial points in my horoscope as well.

A bucket lineup is something that an astrologer would use to evaluate a birth chart; it normally wouldn’t indicate anything special in predictive astrology. Yet I can’t look at last night’s line up without noticing how it appears transposed onto my own chart. To have such fateful points conjoined in this manner got me thinking about all the projects that I’ve got on the back-burner. I’ve been waiting for the universe to point me in a single direction, and with the full moon making a buckle handle on my ascendant axis, I feel as if that has happened. The full moon has not only illuminated my path, but it has shone on a point in my chart that is connected to both new beginnings and self-expression.

I feel as if I know where to go today, so wish me luck! Or send me a bottle of bubbly and a nice Lalique champagne bucket to go along with it. I’d do the same for you if your chart looked like this . . .

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