White House Press Briefing (source: Business Insider)

I know that this will probably fall upon deaf ears, but in the off chance that it doesn’t, here it goes . . .

Today is a terrific day to push Donald Trump’s buttons. His chart is full of aggravating planetary oppositions that are going to have him behaving even more defensively than usual, including a full moon on the same axis as his second-house natal Jupiter.

When he steps up to the podium this afternoon for his daily propaganda session, the reporters in the room need to confront him with facts. Sure, he’s sort of immune to the truth, but that’s beside the point. Today is one of those days where he can really dig himself into a hole by defending the indefensible.

His day is going to get worse at it goes along. Even after he steps away from the podium, I expect something else to surface. This might be one of those days where Rachel Maddow gets whiplash during her own show because she can’t keep up with the breaking news.

I hope I’m right. I’ll revisit this post in the near future to see if I was right.

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