Pluto (source: Science News)

Get used to it. That’s the advice I need to give to myself.

I was just looking at some of the longer-lasting configurations that are currently affecting my horoscope. Of course, the longest-lasting aspect of all of them is the opposition that Pluto is currently making to my midheaven.

On January 1, Pluto moved within 90″ of my IC. It doesn’t actually get further away than that for about eleven months. Even then, when it turns retrograde in 2021, it will still spend much of its time within 2° of my IC.

I like to utilize fairly tight orbs when I am attempting to use outer-planet transits to chart angles as predictors. In fact, I usually don’t pay much attention to orbs over a single degree in these instances. But with Pluto vacillating between my third and fourth house, I probably need to open my mind to the idea that this lengthy transit is going to be affecting me for much longer than anything else that is currently occurring in my horoscope.

The one thing that might make me understand the glacial pace of this transit is to look back at the last couple of conjunctions/oppositions transiting Pluto has made in my chart. While a couple of them happened long before I was taking note of these things on this blog, they still might help me to shed a little light on this topic.

I often chastise novice astrologers for looking at something like a natal Pluto square and interpreting it as a hallmark of a birth chart even though it is a generational aspect. But close Pluto conjunctions and oppositions to both the swift-moving planets and the angles are something else. It’s not unusual for an individual to never experience those transits over the course of a lifetime. However, I’ve experienced one of the biggest ones — transiting Pluto conjunct my natal sun — in 2015-2017. Maybe studying the effects of that slow-moving aspect would allow me to illuminate the path I am currently on.

It is something I need to study in depth. On the bright side, I’ve got the time to do it while I’m self-isolating because of COVID-19. And at the pace Pluto is moving, I’m not going anywhere fast for a few more years anyway.

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