This is from two years ago. Honestly, I could have written it today. It’s amazing to see these cycles repeat. Also, I can’t wait to pull out that jean jacket.

Star Struck Style

at4103990a_codec_1Jean Jacket (source: 7 for All Mankind)

The sun moves into my seventh house in a couple of days. It’s been transiting my sixth house along with a bunch of other planets for the past few weeks. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that one of those planets is Chiron. I’ve been on a bit of a health kick since that ingress occurred, and I’m feeling pretty good about my physical well-being lately. That makes sense with the sixth house highlighted in my chart. As I’ve mentioned before, I behave myself during most sixth house transits.

The seventh house is an angular house, ruled by Venus and corresponding to Libra. For someone with a Libra rising like me, it should be an important part of my chart. Yet I don’t really feel seventh house transits like I feel sixth house transits. I should be feeling a shift…

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