Jean Jacket (source: 7 for All Mankind)

The sun moves into my seventh house in a couple of days. It’s been transiting my sixth house along with a bunch of other planets for the past few weeks. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that one of those planets is Chiron. I’ve been on a bit of a health kick since that ingress occurred, and I’m feeling pretty good about my physical well-being lately. That makes sense with the sixth house highlighted in my chart. As I’ve mentioned before, I behave myself during most sixth house transits.

The seventh house is an angular house, ruled by Venus and corresponding to Libra. For someone with a Libra rising like me, it should be an important part of my chart. Yet I don’t really feel seventh house transits like I feel sixth house transits. I should be feeling a shift in my priorities that affects my relationships with others, but that doesn’t seem to happen to me. I’m not suddenly overcome by the desire to pair up, or even to collaborate with others.

What I do notice around this time of the year is that I like to tune out from the noise created by other people. I often get into my garden and that keeps me from wanting to kill everyone during “Aries season.” Perhaps that’s my Libra rising compelling me to rise above the fray in order to exhibit some seventh-house patience and diplomacy. I should probably be acting as a peacekeeper during this time of the year, but instead I’m seeking blissful neutrality, like I’m trying to be the Switzerland of my own little world.

I’m looking forward to that. I’ve got to get my head out of the American news cycle. Frankly, I’m just looking forward to starting my new part-time job and wearing the new jean jacket I bought once the weather finally warms up. Strangely, I bought that jacket just after Christmas and it’s been too cold in this part of the world to even pull it out of the closet. When I finally get to wear it, the sun will be in my seventh house — and I got it from a store called “7 for All Mankind.” I know, right?

Anyway, thinking about of all this makes me even more confident in my assessment that Libra can be the laziest, most-disconnected, most-superficial sign of the zodiac. Maybe the seventh house is a place where those characteristics are intensified. I know that I respond to seventh house transits by being flaky and self-indulgent instead of pairing up with anyone and everyone I meet.

Does anyone else feel the same about seventh house transits? I’d love to know.

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