Sweet Charity (source: TCM)

No — not that kind of charity!

Just the other day, I was looking at Donald Trump’s birth chart and wondering if any particular planetary placements or aspects indicated a greedy nature. That got me thinking about my own chart and whether or not anything there indicated a charitable nature.

I am a charitable guy. I’m consistently broke because I spend money like it’s going out of style, but I also spend a lot of time volunteering for community organizations. I’ve been a volunteer fitness instructor for more than twenty-seven years with the local YMCA. I’ve taught more than 4,000 fitness classes as a volunteer in that time, as well as lending my expertise and support to the organization in other ways. I’ve also been a board member of the Edmonton Horticultural Society and the Chairman of the Garden Competition. For six years I ran the competition with the help of several other volunteers. It was a tremendous logistical challenge that took months of diligent work to put everything together.

So, even though I don’t have a lot of money to give to charity, I make a concerted effort to make my own little world a better place by donating my time. I figure that someone needs to do it, and it might as well be me.

I don’t know what I should look for in my chart to explain this facet of my character. I know that I have a huge ego and giving my time charitably feeds my ego: it makes me feel good about myself. I’m a Capricorn, too, and we typically value time more than money. But not every one of my fellow goats behaves the way that I do.

Conversely, is there something in Donald Trump’s natal chart that makes him and his sleazy Capricorn sons shift donations to a Cancer charity back into their personal businesses?

I’d like to know. If any of my astrologer friends have any idea of where to look for a charitable nature in a birth chart, please let me know. You can leave a comment here, or continue the discussion on Facebook or Twitter.

I’d appreciate your help! Think of it as a charitable donation . . .


  1. In your chart everything you said makes sense. You have Jupiter the planet of generosity dispositing Mercury in you 3 house of community. You have 2 social planets in Virgo (service) in your 11th of groups opposing Saturn (responsibility) also dispositted by Jupiter. And the Sun ruling the 12th with your Sun in the third- community service to groups feeds your ego.


  2. Everything in DT’s chart is in the Eastern hemisphere (me rather than others) Mars in Leo is literally driven by ego needs. The Virgo Pisces axis in his chart is on the 2/8 houses so the only things that he serves is money. The only water in his chart is Cancer (self protective) and it’s intercepted- and Gemini’s can be quite self interested.


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