Kris Van Assche (source: out.com)

LVMH has announced that Kris Van Assche will fill Haider Ackermann’s shoes at Berluti.

The announcement doesn’t really come as a surprise. LVMH has been shuffling designers around from label to label a lot lately. Although I was surprised that Ackermann’s tenure at Berluti was coming to an end (I’ve posted about it a couple of times over the past week), I figured that this plan must have been in the works all along.

I read somewhere that Berluti is primarily an accessories brand and that’s why Ackermann wasn’t the right fit for the label. But that makes no sense because Kris Van Assche is a menswear designer who was able to keep Dior Homme in the menswear market. I imagine that LVMH’s aspirations for the brand remain quite grand, despite the recent shuffle. They still want Berluti to be the Louis Vuitton of menswear, and that means selling anything and everything, not just $1,000 shoes.

Van Assche will probably be a decent fit. He’s a Taurus, and in “Star Struck Style” I claim that Taurus designers make the best employees for labels that don’t bear their own name. Van Assche is also Belgian, and I relate typical Belgian austerity to Virgo. With those two earth signs highlighted, perhaps Berluti will reflect the third earth sign and become a Capricorn status label, like Bottega Veneta or Tom Ford.

I do believe that’s where LVMH is going with the brand. Hopefully, they will recognize that a lot of rich men shared my chief criticism of Dior Homme and they will start to make clothes that a guy like me can fit into. The last time I tried to slip on a Kris Van Assche jacket in a Dior boutique, I couldn’t fit my arms through the arm holes. Yeah, I’m a big guy, but I’m not that big.

Anyway, this all bodes well for Berluti. It’s nice to discuss menswear for a change, too. I didn’t really mention it much in either of my books, so maybe I should get into it on this blog. That sounds like a plan! Stay tuned for more.

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