Kristen Stewart (source: NY Post)

April 9 is Kristen Stewart’s birthday.

Kristen Stewart is in a tie with Janelle Monae for my favorite style superstar. I don’t know anything about the actress, and I’ve only seen one of her movies, but I just can’t get enough of her.

Curiously, the two of us have a lot of favorable aspects to one another when our natal charts are compared. We were both born with second-phase cardinal moons. In fact, her sun/moon opposition is along the same axis as my ascendant/descendant. Her natal Neptune sits almost on top of my natal sun. Her north node is a degree away from my natal Venus. Her Jupiter sits right on top of my natal moon. What’s more, many of her natal planets form trines and sextiles to my natal planets.

If I was comparing our charts to evaluate whether or not we were romantically compatible, I would come to the conclusion that we are soulmates. I’m kidding, of course! Still, we would make a terrific match.

Considering that she’s an Aries, I find it fascinating that I like her so much. I was looking at some old posts on this blog the other day when I came across something I wrote about Vicki Gunvalson. I noted that it became obvious why I didn’t like her the moment I looked at her horoscope. The exact opposite thing happened when I looked at Kristen Stewart’s chart. Sure, that doesn’t happen with every single celebrity I profile here, but it happens a lot. And anyone who really knows me also knows that I don’t go around gushing over Aries natives in general, so it’s even more fascinating that my affinity with her was written in the stars.

See, astrology really does work!

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