Moon (source: Discover)

I was just looking at my chart to see if anything interesting is happening that I hadn’t already noticed. I realized that my north node is about to form a conjunction with my natal moon: something that hasn’t happened since August 2001.

I looked around the internet to see what other astrologers had to say about the transit. I did find a fairly detailed interpretation of the event on a blog called 12andus.com. It offers the following advice:

“Unresolved emotions are in the spotlight at this time. You have opportunities to dig deeper into your healing process, clearing away subconscious patterns which have formed your attitudes, beliefs and emotional reactions, so that you can experience personal transformation.

Your intuition is showing you how to prepare for the path ahead. Changes underway will help you reach a deeper level of emotional healing, fulfillment and security. Your relationships and family life could change drastically at this time.

Events are coming full circle and any emotional scars left unresolved can be healed and released if you allow this transformation to become complete.

You may experience valuable lessons which increase your empathy or make you more nurturing of others at this time. Karma involving family, mothers and key nurturers will also surface and offer lessons to help you advance on your path.

Perfectionism and a drive to achieve may be softened at this time as you are called to follow a more intuitive path. You will also no longer be able to hide from emotional tides that signal unmet needs.”

What is interesting to me is that some of this advice overlaps with the advice provided by “Cafe Astrology” regarding the ingress of Pluto into my fourth house last week. I suppose that I need to heed this dual warning about unresolved issues, Karma and my emotional needs since the universe seems to be flashing it in front of me like a neon sign.

I can be a bit of a jerk to other astrologers who can’t write a single sentence without using the word “healing” in it. But maybe this time I just need to shut up and pay attention to my feelings instead of trying to put everything into a rational context. When I did follow a more “intuitive path” the last time the north node transited this part of my horoscope, a lot of good things happened to me.

Now that I look back at that time, it was a catalyst for many of the greatest things that ever happened to me. I guess that I’m about to find out if history is going to repeat itself.


    • It ended up coinciding with not only the pandemic lockdowns, but also the ingress of several planets into my fourth house. I felt quite trapped — alone with my thoughts, so to speak. I’m not really the insular type, so being focused on inner life for a while was tough.


      • Thank you for the fast answer. Challenge for sure. Ive natal gemini Moon 1°, and conjunct NN is happening about the same time as secondary progression Mars opposes Moon (natal aspect is quincunx) . Houses are depending of the house system either 9&3 or 10&4, so maybe its the opposite to me than yours… Ive strong 12th house (love for solitude is natural for me), but whole sign makes it 1st house stellium. Current transit Mercury square natal chart ruler Merc.from Point of Fortune for a long time now. (and the last new Moon was conjunct to Mc) Ive never noticed so long conjunct there. Funnily Jupiter is also squared (2° to both), and there gemini/sag is again. Through virgo… Bests to You ❤

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      • And, Thank You for ‘Do Me’! Hilarious. I wait now to become (in) /famous, to order all your services (astrology services). Ive Saturn in 1st(not much in cap), so huraa capricorns (my birth family had herd of those).

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