Chloris Leachman in “High Anxiety” (source: Union Bulletin)

Every day when I sit down to write a post for this blog, I look back at what I’ve written in the past. And every time I do that, I’m amazed to learn about the repeating cycles in my life. For instance, every year around this time, I’m especially anxious. Until now, I’ve had no idea why.

Just a moment ago, I discovered a culprit that I hadn’t considered before: my progressed sun. The first time that I noticed this problem with late February was just a couple of years ago. On this blog itself I even noted that Facebook’s memories feature made me aware that this phenomenon has been recurring since 2014. Back then, the sun would have been forming a conjunction with my progressed sun. Now my progressed sun is a little further away (moving about a degree a year), but looking back at my social media posts I understand that my anxiety picks up just as the transiting sun approaches my progressed sun. Shortly after the conjunction occurs, my anxiety abates and my physical vitality increases.

For the last few years, I have made a connection between these events and the actual amount of sunshine that we get in this part of the world. Yesterday, for instance, I walked to the gym when it was about -11°C outside, but the sun was so warm that I had to take off my toque halfway along my journey.

Yet I didn’t notice that the sun was also shining upon it’s own position in my progressed horoscope. Nor did I notice that I was becoming anxious about nothing in particular in the days leading up to the actual conjunction of the transiting sun with my progressed sun.

I looked around online to see if anyone else has had similar experiences, but most astrologers who study progressions seem to pay attention to the aspects formed by the progressed planets rather than the aspects formed to the progressed planets.

Regardless of how the aspect is interpreted by others, however, I am beginning to understand how it affects me. In a couple of days from now, when the transiting sun moves past its progressed position, I’ll be back to normal. Until then, I just need to calm down and not let this anxiety get the best of me.

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