Chrissy Teigen & LL Cool J (source: Billboard)

January 14 is LL Cool J’s birthday.

I actually have a lot in common in with LL Cool J astrologically. We share the same sun sign/moon sign combination, as well as many of our outer planet positions (Uranus; Neptune; Pluto; Chiron). However, our Mercury and Venus signs are swapped. I have Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Aquarius. He has Mercury in Aquarius and Venus in Sagittarius.

What really interests me about his chart is where his fourth-house natal Venus sits using the Placidus system. It’s roughly in the same place as mine in relation to the IC. I look at Venus all the time when I’m considering someone’s aesthetic sense and how they incorporate fashion into their lives. Yet I tend to look at the sign where Venus is placed more than I look to the house where it resides. I also am inclined to look at tense aspects to Venus when I’m attempting to interpret the charts of people with terrible fashion sense. A poorly-placed Venus can reveal bad taste.

But LL Cool J doesn’t have bad taste. In fact, he has terrific taste and a sense of style that is eerily similar to my sense of style. We’re both big guys who probably look at skinny models and wish that we could look like mannequins in our clothes. Nevertheless, we enjoy exercising and we fill out our clothes as a result. The resulting bulkiness can limit our choices when it comes to particular styles.

Our solution to that problem is to focus on outerwear. I have a fabulous collection of jackets that I can wear over T-shirts and casual pants so that I don’t have to increase my size by wearing too many layers. I actually have a Coach leather jacket that is almost identical to the jacket LL Cool J is wearing in the photo above. It’s army green and doesn’t have the varsity letters sewn onto the lapel, but it could be made from the same pattern. A quick internet search of his wardrobe choices on “Lip Sync Battle” reveals that we have several similar pieces in our wardrobes.

So, that makes me wonder if our stylish similarities have more to do with our shared Cancer moon positions or with our shared Venus house positions. It’s something I should look into. I was just looking at the Tom Ford F/W 2020 menswear presentation online and I saw a red jacket that immediately caught my attention. Now that I think about it, it would probably suit LL Cool J more than it would suit me, but if it came in black or army green, I’d give my right arm to own it. It wouldn’t surprise me to see it on LL Cool J in a future episode of “Lip Sync Battle.”

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