Chart of the Moment (source:

This is a screen shot of the chart of the moment that I captured just before I began writing this post. What’s interesting about this chart is how so many of the aspects that are about to form indicate major changes and major consequences.

I’ll start with Jupiter in Capricorn. It’s currently conjunct the fateful nodal axis. Mercury and the sun follow, almost conjunct, as well. Then Saturn and Pluto, nearly conjunct, too. That meeting happens in three days. By then, Mercury will have moved onto the same point, followed by the sun shortly afterward. A few signs over, Uranus is stationary in Taurus, about to exit its retrograde cycle — something that is easy to forget while so much is going on in Capricorn.

What you can’t see in this screen shot is the moon in its own sign of Cancer. Tomorrow, as the sun and Mercury go conjunct, they’ll oppose the moon, forming the first lunar eclipse of the year.

It’s an action-packed chart that promises much more to come over the next couple of days. But what are you supposed to make out of it?

Pay attention to the changes that are going on around you. Major consequences are in our stars at the moment. Things that are happening right now are going to have far more importance in our lives than we can comprehend. Attempting to rationalize them will be our first impulse with Mercury in the mix, but the full moon may have other plans for our collective “rationality.”

If there is one piece of advice that I can give you to help you understand how the next few days will affect you, pay attention to the degree where the Saturn/Pluto conjunction occurs: 22-23° Capricorn. See where that is in your own chart and figure out if it is significant. In my chart, for instance, it is minutes away from my IC, indicating the “foundation” of my horoscope. Because this degree will continue to be conjoined by Mercury, the sun and Jupiter very soon, it’s going to take on added significance in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, a lunar eclipse with Jupiter on the south node and Uranus turning direct can make these changes seem sudden and unexpected, even though slowpokes Saturn and Pluto have been hinting at what’s to come for months already.

Again, pay attention. This is the most consequential week of 2020. Don’t say I didn’t warn you . . .

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