Jackrabbit (source: St. Albert Today)

This is a white-tailed jackrabbit. These are the bunnies that live in my yard, eating my bedding plants in spring and cleaning up the fallen seeds under my bird feeder in winter. Right now they are snowy white, but in summer they are a light brown color. The one in the photo looks how they normally look around April just before they start to shed their winter coats.

The reason that I was thinking about rabbits is because I noticed that someone went “down the rabbit hole” yesterday and read almost all of the one-thousand-or-so posts that I’ve written since I started writing this blog in 2016.

Sometimes I go down the rabbit hole, too, and start reading what I’ve posted here. In fact, I always check out my previous blog entries before I write anything so that I don’t publish a redundant celebrity birthday post. To be honest, reading my own work years after I’ve written it is good for my ego. It gives me confidence in what I do here. I don’t look back and say to myself “What was I thinking?” I revisit what I’ve discussed and congratulate myself for being clever, perceptive and kind of hilarious.

I hope that the people who choose to go down the rabbit hole when visiting my blog feel the same way. I just wish that they would introduce themselves. It would be nice to read something in the comments or on one of my social media accounts rather than just looking at the evidence of their visits in my daily stats. I don’t need the hollow victory of seeing more followers if those followers don’t actually read what I’m writing, but I do appreciate it when people tell me that they like what I do. Don’t we all?

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