Jamie Lee Curtis (source: Bloody Disgusting)

November 22 is Jamie Lee Curtis’ birthday.

There are so many interesting celebrities born on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. Jamie Lee Curtis is one of them. Fortunately, both of her parents were huge celebrities so I can trust that the time of birth recorded on her profile is accurate. I can imagine that there was press camped outside of the hospital when Janet Leigh gave birth to her daughter.

And an accurate time of birth lets me know that the reason I get Scorpio/Sagittarius vibes from Jamie Lee Curtis is because she has a Scorpio sun (by mere minutes) and Sagittarius rising. She also has both Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio, and Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius. Her natal moon is in Aries, and Mars is in Taurus.

So, why do I see those two signs represented in Jamie Lee Curtis? I suppose that she possesses both Scorpionic intensity and Sagittarian fearlessness. There is such a big shift in temperament from one sign to the next, and not a lot of individuals represent both qualities simultaneously.

One of the most interesting things about Curtis’ natal chart is that the sun, Venus and Jupiter all reside in her eleventh Placidus house. To me, that’s a testament to the superiority of the Placidus system of house division. The eleventh house is where you would expect to see these fortunate planets in the chart of someone with the sort of fan base that Jamie Lee Curtis has accumulated over the past four decades. The Whole House system would place the sun and Jupiter in the twelfth house, and that makes no sense to me at all. If she had made her career on the stage, then maybe I could buy that scenario. But she didn’t. She has been a movie star since she made her first movie.

I adore her, and I’m actually going to pay money to go to a movie theater to see her new film, “Knives Out,” when it opens next week. There are not a lot of actors who I would follow to the movie theater in the age of on-demand TV, but the combination of Jamie Lee Curtis and Chris Evans (the Gemini who makes every other Gemini look like a steaming pile of crap), is irresistible to me. Putting them together in a cheesy whodunnit makes me believe that I’ve willed the movie of my dreams into existence.

I can’t wait to see it. I know that I’m not going to be disappointed!

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