Wild Horses (source: How Stuff Works)

The sun moves into Sagittarius tomorrow morning where it will join Venus and Jupiter. For about three-and-a-half days, until Venus moves into Capricorn, we all should enjoy a fairly wild ride into unfamiliar territory.

Like the wild horses in the photo, you should allow yourself to run free. Let the plans you have made fall by the wayside, especially when it seems futile to follow a schedule that no one else wants to follow. Unbridled enthusiasm will be the order of the day, especially when Venus briefly conjoins Jupiter on November 24. Similar energy will define the new moon on November 26, although it may become evident that there are indeed fences defining the borders of the territory you’ve been exploring. Soon afterward, when Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, you’ll understand that those fences surround you entirely. You’re not nearly as free as you believe you are. None of us are.

The time to rein it in is swiftly approaching . . .

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