Joe Biden (source:

November 20 is Joe Biden’s birthday.

While I was watching today’s delightful impeachment hearings, I noticed that it is Joe Biden’s birthday. I don’t recall looking up his chart before, so I had a look at it.

While I can’t be sure that the time of birth is accurate (it’s exactly on the half-hour), I can be sure that Biden’s Virgo north node is only 11″ away from Donald Trump’s Leo ascendant.

I don’t study synastry, so I’m wondering if this is important. I do know about the relationship between the north node and an individual’s destiny in the horoscope, but does the node’s relationship to destiny carry over into the practice of synastry?

I’m going to put this out into the universe and see if anyone can answer my question either here or on my social media accounts. Your input would be appreciated.

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