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November 19 is Calvin Klein’s birthday.

When I went to Google “Calvin Klein natal chart,” the question I posed in the title of this post appeared in the search criteria. I guess that I can forgive any kids that want an answer to that question. At least they’re curious enough to ask.

Anyway, Calvin Klein is fashion royalty. In both of my books, I discuss him in the Aries chapter because of his emphasis on modernism. There are very few designers who pushed fashion forward as often as Calvin Klein did. The man doesn’t have a nostalgic bone in his body, and his greatest contributions to style prove that point.

That’s an admirable quality in the business of fashion because so many designers rely upon dredging up retro shtick to get kids excited about fashion. It’s an easy way out because every generation forgets the one before. Kids don’t want to wear what their parents are wearing, even though they often end up wearing what their parents wore when they were kids. Those cycles repeat just like the planetary cycles repeat. A lot of people who design clothes know that, and they use it to their advantage. A mother shopping with her kid is likely to get sentimental looking at something that she used to wear. When it catches the eye of her teenage daughter, it’s difficult to resist purchasing that item because it creates a connection between the generations. People like Hedi Slimane have made millions capitalizing on those connections and the cyclical nature of fashion in general.

Nevertheless, there are always a few designers around who simply march forward without an eye on the past. Calvin Klein was one of those designers when he was at the head of his eponymous label. Looking at his chart, I can see why. I normally wouldn’t expect a designer with the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Scorpio to be so fashion-forward, but Klein has an Aries moon.

While I don’t know which house the moon sits in, I suspect that it is in a prominent position in his horoscope. Even with Jupiter in nostalgic Cancer, Klein’s moon explains so much about his signature style. Everything about his label says “Aries” to me, years and years after Klein himself sold the company and retired from the business.

It’s nice to know that I’ve been right about him all along . . .

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