Dynasty (source: Attitude)

I’ve already written a few posts warning everyone about what’s going on in the sky this weekend, but somehow I missed one of the more crucial occurrences: Mars opposes Uranus tomorrow. That’s something that only happens every couple of years.

I illustrated this aspect with an image from a classic “Dynasty” catfight. For many of us, the energy of this aspect will be reactive. Watch the tendency to lash out because things can escalate quickly. One minute you’ll be arguing over who has the biggest shoulder pads, and the next you’ll be waist-deep in the lily pond outside your mansion.

It’s a tense aspect, and combined with everything else going on in the sky, it’s almost a foregone confusion that there are going to be some major misunderstandings this weekend. So, whatever you do, try to keep your hands to yourself. No matter how glamorous Alexis and Krystle make it look, slapping a bitch is rarely the answer.

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