Courtney Love (source: MTV)

Venus entered my third house yesterday where it will remain for about a month. My horoscope on offers the following advice:

“This influence has the effect of making your everyday surroundings and activities more pleasant and agreeable. Your social life often picks up at this time as you get together with friends and neighbors to have fun or simply socialize and talk. All your dealings with people in the everyday world will be pleasant and light. You will not want to discuss serious matters, because this influence makes one interested only in the pleasures of life.”

I really felt different yesterday: lighter on my feet, more easygoing, and less-willing to put up with anyone’s bullshit. I suppose it’s that last thing that really stuck with me. I wasn’t going to let anyone rain on my parade. I woke up feeling the same way today, like giving the middle finger to those who thought that they could ruin my day with their own special brand of misery.

Venus is the ruler of my ascendant, so I should pay more attention to the planet’s transits through my houses and how they effect me. I should also figure out how different I feel when Venus is way ahead or way behind my transiting sun. I imagine that the relationship between the two planets and my mood in general could be tracked quite easily. Maybe that’s something I’ll start discussing on this blog. Right now, with the sun in my second house and Venus in my third, I feel loquacious, self-confident and quite cheerful. Just a couple of days ago, when both the sun and Venus were in my second house, I felt more defensive — as if my worth was being judged. Weird, huh?

Anyway, I’m grateful for the change. After a rough few weeks, some really nice things are happening in my horoscope. It’s about time!

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