Mercury (source: Science Struck)

Mercury backtracks into my first house this morning. Venus entered my third house yesterday. The sun is still transiting my second house.

So, what does all that mean? Well, I’m going from having three planets in my second house to having the same three planets spread out across three houses in just a matter of hours. Suddenly, there is very different tone to my horoscope.

Yesterday was an interesting day with Venus, my chart ruler, moving into my Placidus third house. I got an offer for a writing job out of the blue on a day where I had just claimed on this blog that I was feeling more loquacious than I’ve been feeling in months.

I’m expecting even more to happen with Mercury’s retrograde move into my first house. It’s a brief return to that part of my chart because the planet goes direct just five days from now, meaning that it is virtually stationary midweek when I’ll not only be pitching my take on this new writing project, but also taking over some new duties at my new job. These are the sort of things that I would advise most people to avoid during a Mercury station — especially a Mercury station in one’s first house.

I am a little worried that I might be inspired to spread myself too thin (like the drops of mercury in the photo I’ve posted above) now that these three planets have sort of spread themselves out across three houses of my chart. While my self-confidence is returning to its normal level of obnoxiousness now that Saturn is finally getting off my back, I’m just not sure that I should be so confident about my prospects during a Mercury station in my first house.

It’s a weird place to be in, and it feels like it came out of nowhere — even though I should have seen it coming. I’m an astrologer, after all . . .

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