Elsa Schiaparelli & Salvador Dali (source: The Independent)

September 10 is Elsa Schiaparelli’s birthday.

It’s also Karl Lagerfeld’s birthday today. In fact, there are plenty of Virgo fashion designers — something that fashion critic Tim Blanks noted on his Instagram page the other day while discussing his own birthday. I believe that he mentioned that “most” fashion designers are Virgos. I’m not sure if that’s what I believe.

In both of my books, I mention plenty of designers in every chapter. I seem to remember that Aquarius was the most difficult to write because I didn’t have a lot of Aquarius designers to discuss. In the Taurus chapter, however, I mention that there are a ton of Taurus designers who work for other brands. The same thing goes for Virgos. Still, there are eponymous Taurus labels (Prada; Dries Van Noten; Jean Paul Gaultier; Valentino) and eponymous Virgo labels (Tom Ford; Stella McCartney: Gareth Pugh). There are Taurus natives who have designed for other brands (Nicolas Ghesquiere; Christopher Bailey: Gaultier for Hermès), and there are Virgo natives who have designer for other brands (Lagerfeld for both Chanel and Fendi; both Tom Ford and Anthony Vaccarello for Yves Saint Laurent).

What I’ve learned in my own research is that these two signs produce the greatest number of iconic talents. If I was more Virgo-like myself, I would create a spreadsheet to prove my point. The only other sign that comes to mind when I’m thinking of the volume of designers who were born under any particular sign is Leo. Maybe they would give the Taurus and Virgo designers a run for their money.

I could be wrong, but I’m probably not. What I really should do is find one of those lists of “the one-hundred greatest fashion designers of all time,” figure out their zodiac signs and then see what I come up with when I collate the information and combine it with my knowledge of designers still working today.

Maybe I’ll get to that sometime. For now, I’m going to go read a little more about Elsa Schiaparelli so that when someone asks me about her I can have something else to say besides “Well, I know she was a Virgo . . .”.

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