Star Struck Style

Elsa_Schiaparelli_and_Salvador_DaliElsa Schiaparelli & Salvador Dali (source: The Independent)

September 10 is Elsa Schiaparelli’s birthday.

It’s also Karl Lagerfeld’s birthday today. In fact, there are plenty of Virgo fashion designers — something that fashion critic Tim Blanks noted on his Instagram page the other day while discussing his own birthday. I believe that he mentioned that “most” fashion designers are Virgos. I’m not sure if that’s what I believe.

In both of my books, I mention plenty of designers in every chapter. I seem to remember that Aquarius was the most difficult to write because I didn’t have a lot of Aquarius designers to discuss. In the Taurus chapter, however, I mention that there are a ton of Taurus designers who work for other brands. The same thing goes for Virgos. Still, there are eponymous Taurus labels (Prada; Dries Van Noten; Jean Paul Gaultier; Valentino) and eponymous Virgo labels (Tom…

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