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My vacation has begun! I’m not flying to Vegas until tomorrow morning, but I was officially off work yesterday afternoon.

I’ve already mentioned that the sun conjoins my natal Uranus tomorrow. “Café Astrology” offers the following interpretation of the annual event:

“Today may be surprising to you, or your actions may surprise others. The latter indicates that you are more in tune with your inner self, because the fundamental meaning of this influence is that you have a strong drive to seek release from your usual routines. The everyday patterns of your life will not adequately satisfy your needs today, and you will act in ways that are completely out of accord with your habits. The function of this energy is to introduce the element of liveliness on the everyday level in order to keep your life from settling down into a dreary, lifeless routine. Actions directed at breaking free are not a bad thing, as long as you are really trying to liberate yourself, but if this tendency is carried to excess you may be simply headstrong, impulsive and rash.”

Words can barely describe how eager I am to break free. The moon will be in Aries all day tomorrow, too, and both the sun and Venus are in my eleventh house. I couldn’t have chosen a better day to rebel from the daily grind!

Anyway, I won’t be back until Friday evening, and it’s likely that I won’t update my blog until Saturday or Sunday. Until then, enjoy the fact that the sun forms a trine to Uranus today. We’re all feeling the urge to do something different. Don’t waste this day being a slave to your own routine.

See you in a week!

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