Farrah Moan (source: Us Weekly)

September 11 is Farrah Moan’s birthday.

It’s also the birthday of Ginger Minj and Pearl Liaison according to famousbirthdays.com, but Wikipedia doesn’t even list a date of birth for the former, and it provides a “citation needed” note for the former.

Farrah Moan, however, doesn’t just have a date of birth noted on her Wikipedia page, but she has her sun, moon and rising sign listed on her Twitter account. She has a Virgo sun, a Cancer moon and Leo rising.

I looked online to see if I could find an accurate time of birth. The one chart I was able to pull up had a time of 4:30 AM. Typically, a birth time on the hour or on the half-hour is suspect: an approximation of the birth time often provided by a relative whose memory may or may not be reliable. In this case, a couple of things made me believe that the time given is very close.

First, Farrah Moan has Venus nearly conjunct her ascendant from the first house. That’s the sort of aspect you would expect to see in the chart of someone who has made a career out of being pretty. In fact, Beyonce has a similar Venus position that has made me speculate that her time of birth is just a little “off.” A tiny shift of her ascendant would give her the same first-house Venus position as Farrah Moan, explaining both her good looks and her personal magnetism.

Next, Farrah has an eleventh house Cancer moon. This is where a refinement of the time of birth could make a difference in her horoscope. Farrah’s moon is at 14°17″, just over a degree away from her twelfth house cusp. I suspect that her moon is probably in the twelfth. The eleventh house position would add some emotional distance to her personality, even with a sensitive Cancer moon. That scenario seems unlikely to me. A five minute difference would place the moon in the twelfth house, making Farrah Moan into the crybaby that she has proven to be on two seasons of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

I know that I’m just speculating here, but I’m pretty good at this stuff. Now if I could just figure out which planetary positions made her into the “whitest” dancer Michelle Visage has ever seen . . .

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