Debbie Gibson (

August 31 is Debbie Gibson’s birthday.

As a Capricorn, I’m often accused of being too serious. I understand why people would say that because I do have a difficult time faking enthusiasm when I’m not enthused. I don’t apologize for my behavior because there is no reason to apologize. The universe made me this way. I’ve been a grouchy old man since I was a kid.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons that I never really got into the type of stars that were supposed to appeal to kids. Debbie Gibson isn’t that much younger than me, but I thought that she was the biggest joke during her heyday. The videos for “Shake Your Love” and “Electric Youth” still make me laugh today. Debbie Gibson, however, was laughing all the way to the bank selling her own brand of “perky.”

I had a look at her natal chart and discovered that she not only has a Virgo sun, but also a Virgo moon, Mercury and Pluto. If her time of birth listed on is correct, both the sun and the moon reside in the second house. These placements make Debbie Gibson into a business woman. She knew her worth and she knew how to market her talent, even when she was a teenager. I’m also not surprised that Mercury is situated in her third house because she did write all of those terrible songs herself.

I’m kidding! I have to give her credit where credit is due. She really was a big deal back in the day, even as I was turning my nose up at her. Of course, she eventually pulled the plug on her “Electric Youth” shtick. I can’t imagine a Virgo trying to keep that up forever. You Virgo natives may not be the grouchy old men of the zodiac, but you’re not the perkiest people on the planet, either.

I suppose that’s why I love you . . .

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