Geoffrey Beene (source: The Shrimpton Couture Blog)

August 30 is Geoffrey Beene’s birthday.

I should know more about Geoffrey Beene than I do. Unfortunately, his heyday occurred before I ever really got into fashion. Of course, I was familiar with his work and the tremendous amount of respect that he commanded in the press, but I was too young to appreciate what he was doing because there was always someone else making more noise in the fashion business.

I’m not surprised to learn that he is a Virgo, like Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford and yesterday’s birthday boy, Pierpaolo Piccioli. He actually had his natal sun, moon and Mercury in Virgo, his Jupiter in Sagittarius and his Chiron in Aries all in positions not far from where they are sitting at this very moment. A kid born today could be the next Geoffrey Beene!

I don’t have a time of birth for the designer, but I would guess that wherever his ascendant ended up, it would shift his Virgo planets into the vicinity of his eighth house. His legacy in American fashion is indisputable (the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award is named after him), and the eighth house rules over matters like legacies. An Aquarius rising sign would not only put his Virgo planets in his eighth house, but it would also put Mars in the first house and Jupiter in the tenth house (very close to his midheaven). That scenario would explain a lot about Geoffrey Beene in both life and death.

Curiously, it’s that Mars in the first house thing that makes me believe that I’m correct. If there is one thing that I do know about Beene is that he was known for his jersey evening wear, and that strikes me as the product of someone with Mars in the first house. It kind of makes me wonder what Geoffrey Beene would have accomplished in the age of athleisure. It’s a sporty placement, even for someone who wasn’t the sporty type. If Mars really was in his first house, I can imagine how important it would have made it for Beene to create garments that allowed his clients to move freely.

That’s all just speculation, though. Still, I am good this stuff. Maybe one day someone will name a lifetime achievement award after me for my contributions to fashion astrology . . .

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