Pierpaolo Piccioli (source: Time)

August 29 is Pierpaolo Piccioli’s birthday.

I’ve never been able to determine when Pierpaolo Piccioli was born. There are no bios for him online that contain a reference to a date of birth. I have come across a source that claims that he was born in 1967, but I’m not even able to confirm that.

Today, however, “The Business of Fashion” tweeted the designer birthday wishes. They would probably know if it really is his birthday. Maybe Tim Blanks, another Virgo, even asked the designer his zodiac sign. He reviews Valentino shows for BoF, so perhaps the subject came up during an interview.

Anyway, it’s a big discovery for me. I’m going to poke around social media to see if I can find out anything else about Piccioli so that I can try to construct an accurate natal chart. Hopefully, I’ll be able to revisit this subject in the future with confidence that I’ve based my chart interpretations on valid information that I’ve vetted myself.

Stay tuned!

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