Georgina Grenville (source: Vogue)

September 1 is Georgina Grenville’s birthday.

Georgina Grenville is best known as the Gucci girl from the 1990s. Of course, she’s a Virgo. She shares her sign with Tom Ford, the guy who remade Gucci in his own image back in the day.

I had a look at the model’s natal chart to see if anything caught my eye. After reading an article about the model on vogue.com where she mentioned that she was a 90s girl at heart who liked Helmut Lang and Margiela, I was wondering if there was something about those designers that would appeal to a Virgo — or even a Capricorn like me (just yesterday, I was in Costco wearing a Helmut Lang jacket and I found myself looking around at the rest of the crowd as if I had been just dropped off in a prison yard).

I included classic Helmut Lang in the Scorpio chapter of “Cosmically Chic,” and I mostly discuss Maison Margiela (the modern incarnation of the label) in Virgo terms nowadays. I can see parallels between Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn styles because they are all sort of “hard” when compared with the signature styles of the other zodiac signs. I suppose that I would include Cancer in that group of signs, too, since I’m constantly advising Cancer women not to go “too hard” with their looks.

Curiously, Grenville has a Cancer moon, just like yours truly. Tom Ford has Venus in Cancer. In fact, the three of us all have an overabundance of planets in Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. That got me thinking about Tom Ford’s notorious fastidiousness and how the aforementioned planets reveal that trait in his horoscope. I’m built in a similar fashion, but I’m far less neurotic and much better at relinquishing control than Mr. Ford. Georgina Grenville is likely more easygoing than both me and Tom Ford, but there is something rigorous and disciplined about her character — like a well-tailored Margiela blazer from the mid-90s.

Of course, she’s a mother now, and according to the profile on vogue.com, she fits into the jeans-wearing, “uncorrupted” Virgo personality profile I discuss in “Star Struck Style.” But at one point in time she was the face of the brand with which I identify more than any other brand in fashion, giving off vibes that still resonate with me today. I feel a fellowship with the model, and with Tom Ford, and with almost any Virgo who has a preponderance of planets in earth and/or water signs. That goes far beyond us having nostalgia for some old labels we used to wear.

I suppose that’s just how astrology works.

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