Donald Trump (source: GQ)

As I type this, the sun and Mars are exactly conjunct in Virgo.

The sun catches up to Mars every couple of years. It’s supposed to be an energetic time, but it’s also a time when tempers are short. I got out of bed full of piss and vinegar, but within a few minutes I was reading some comments on Instagram that made me want to kill someone. It wasn’t even a political post! Some idiot just decided that someone else’s Instagram comments section was an appropriate place to go on a rant.

So, what did I do? I got off Instagram and went to Twitter where within minutes I was reading the delusional ramblings of Donald Trump. Again, homicidal feelings started to overcome me, so I clicked onto WordPress. And now here I am.

Mercury joins the party tomorrow when it catches up to the sun and Mars. I’m going to use this time to get a few things done around my house. Maybe I’ll write a bit and do some yoga, too. The weather is supposed to be good for gardening tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get to work in my yard. What I’m not going to do is allow the stupidity of social media to infect me like a parasite. I already feel like something is gnawing away at my brain when I look at the photo I posted above.

I advise you to do the same: find something to do that feeds your soul rather than screaming at people who don’t share your beliefs. Everyone’s critical faculties are highlighted because this conjunction is occurring in Virgo. Everyone is going to believe in the validity of their arguments and the sanctity of their opinions while these three planets remain close together. Altercations are going to happen. Whether or not you’re a part of them is going to be up to you.

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