Kaia Gerber (source: Yahoo!)

September 3 is Kaia Gerber’s birthday.

If you didn’t already know, Kaia Gerber is the daughter of Cindy Crawford. I was surprised when an astrological profile of the model showed up on my Facebook feed this morning, but I guess the social media team at Astrotheme is trying to reach a younger audience. They usually don’t focus on kids like Kaia Gerber.

I had a look her natal chart and discovered that she has the sun in Virgo/moon in Pisces. This is planetary position that I keep equating with substance abuse on this blog. Many individuals with highly-publicized addiction issues possess this sun/moon combo.

Why is that? I believe that this combination of luminaries endows an individual with neuroses that make it difficult to get through the day without a figurative “crutch.” Virgo natives can be notorious perfectionists, and when the vagaries of daily life don’t allow them to achieve perfection, they tend to panic — especially when they have Pisces moons. It isn’t “escape” that they are looking for when they turn to drugs or alcohol, but rather something that allows them to cope with their own high expectations of themselves.

Of course, not everyone with this particular combo is going to be a mess. Both the sun and the moon can be situated in houses that support them. Kaia Gerber has a tenth-house sun and a fourth-house moon. That’s probably a terrific layout for a kid who is essentially being asked to grow up in front of the entire world. I hope so, because I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a teenager who has been thrust into the spotlight. Just yesterday, Justin Bieber — a Pisces with a Virgo MC — shared his battle with addiction with the world. It’s not exactly the same configuration, but the Virgo/Pisces axis is certainly a place for astrologers to focus upon when evaluating susceptibility to substance abuse.

Anyway, I wish Kaia Gerber luck now that she’s eighteen and able to do plenty of things in plenty of countries around the world that she wasn’t able to do yesterday. Welcome to adulthood!

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