Anthony Vaccarello (source: Vogue)

September 4 is Anthony Vaccarello’s birthday.

The first thing I noticed when I discovered that today is Anthony Vaccarello’s birthday is that he shares his date of birth with Lou Doillon. Doillon is the half-sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg and the daughter of Jane Birkin. While she may not be a household name in this part of the world, in France she’s fashion royalty. Vaccarello’s biography on Wikipedia even notes that his big break occurred when Doillon agreed to model in his lookbook for the debut of his eponymous line.

I don’t have a time of birth for Vaccarello, so I looked up Lou Doillon’s chart on astrotheme.com because most everything would be in the same place. Once again, I ran into the same sun in Virgo/moon in Pisces combo that I keep running into when I look up the charts of people in the fashion business. It’s also the same combo that I have seen before in the charts of famous people who have problems with substance abuse.

I have no idea if Anthony Vaccarello or Lou Doillon have ever dealt with problems with drugs or alcohol. Still, I look at this combination of planets as a red flag in the charts of individuals when I look at their charts. It makes me want to pay a little more attention to Vaccarello because he’s in a pretty plum position right now in the world of fashion. As the creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, his influence runs far and wide. Nevertheless, he is in exactly the same place that Tom Ford was several years ago: at the helm of one of the biggest heritage brands in fashion. Ford has admitted that he was a highly-functioning alcoholic during much of his career. He also has the sun in Virgo and the moon in Pisces.

I can’t stop thinking that Anthony Vaccarello is going to have a difficult time dealing with the pressure of his job now that I’ve seen his chart. I’m going to click “publish” on this blog post and put my prediction out into the universe. Maybe I’ll be able to revisit this subject someday and admit that I was wrong. I hope so.

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