Jason Voorhees (source: IndieWire)

I was just looking ahead to see what September’s planets have in store for me. First of all, I noticed that the south node will be conjunct my sun on Friday the 13th. That’s the same day that the full moon in Pisces occurs where I live (it will actually arrive on Saturday the 14th for most of you). Mercury and Venus form a conjunction that same day just as they move into my twelfth house of endings, and Saturn essentially goes stationary at about the same time.

So, what does all that mean? I’m not even sure where to begin to assess it all! I don’t really put a lot of thought into the transits of the nodes, but in some astrological traditions, they’re considered to be more important than many of the planets. I suppose that I’m wondering what it means for the nodal axis to line up with my sun because it doesn’t happen very often. The last time the south node made a conjunction with my sun was just before everything in the universe started to line up in my favor. However, it is worth noting that at the same time, I injured my back in a manner that made my life a living hell for a while.

For that reason, I’m sort of reluctant to look at the transit as something positive. To see both good and bad things occurring in my chart at the same time is one thing, but to see traditional augurs of bad luck (a full moon on Friday the 13th) on a day of my life that should be fateful sort of frightens me.

Oh well! It’s probably a good thing that I’ve got a couple of weeks to prepare for the worst just in case things don’t work out in my favor. I can pick up a new hockey mask in the meantime, or shop online for some coveralls. Better yet, I can practice my machete-wielding skills before the day arrives.

I should just thank my lucky stars that I saw this coming . . .

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