Phil Sullivan (source: models.com)

July 27 is Phil Sullivan’s birthday.

Every day when I decide what I want to discuss on this blog, I revisit my posts from the previous year to see whom I’ve already discussed. Last year on this day, I published a post about Winnie Harlow. Harlow is probably the second most-famous female model to ever launch her career after being eliminated as a contestant on “America’s Next Top Model.” Only Leila Goldkuhl has a more illustrious career as a legitimate fashion model with top-notch credentials.

Curiously, the only male model who has the same sort of name recognition after being eliminated from the competition is Phil Sullivan. What’s even more interesting is that he shares his birthday with Winnie Harlow.

Sullivan looked like a model on the show. I wondered why he wasn’t working already, but modeling is a funny business. Sometimes people linger on the sidelines forever without really getting anywhere. I didn’t think that Phil needed “ANTM,” but it did give him the boost he needed to become a recognizable model in today’s social-media driven market. Like Winnie Harlow, he didn’t have to win the title in order to benefit from being on the show.

When a Leo knows what they are working with, you can’t tell them anything. I suppose both Phil and Winnie understood that they had the physical goods to become successful in the modeling world, but Tyra Banks had to prove to her audience that good looks aren’t everything by eliminating them for not living up to her expectations of what a reality-show contestant should be. I’m glad that the pair didn’t allow Tyra’s self-importance to hold them back. Many “ANTM” contestants saw their lights dimmed by their association with the show. Both Winnie Harlow and Phil Sullivan continued to shine, proving to themselves and all the other lions out there that absolutely nothing can keep a Leo native from finding a place in the sun if that’s what they want to do.

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