Sandra Bullock & Jennifer Aniston (source: Us Weekly)

July 26 is Sandra Bullock’s birthday.

I had no idea that Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston are best friends. This article from “Us Weekly” was a revelation to me! It’s too bad that they had to cut-and-paste together a couple of photos of the BFFs for the cover, though, because actual photos of the pair do not exist. That’s not weird or anything.

But I digress! I’m supposed to be discussing Sandra Bullock’s natal chart. If the time of birth listed on is correct, it’s a doozy! She has an Aquarius moon and Gemini rising, with the rest of the planets scattered around her chart. What really is interesting, though, is the proximity of Saturn to her Pisces midheaven. It’s only 2″ away from an exact conjunction from the ninth house. And if that isn’t enough, her natal Mars is about half a degree away from her ascendant in the first house.

If nothing else, she is driven. What really caught my eye, though, was her third house Mercury. She talks a mile a minute and goes off on tangents all the time. In fact, she’s made that characteristic part of her onscreen persona. I wonder who else has that planetary position. Oh yeah — me!

I wish that I had a fraction of her ambition. We share much of our outer-planet profile because we are so close in age, but my chart isn’t nearly as dynamic as Sandra Bullock’s when it comes to career. I suppose that’s why I haven’t won an Oscar yet.

Soon . . .

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