Greg Lauren & Elizabeth Berkley (source: Wikipedia)

July 28 is Elizabeth Berkley’s birthday.

I had no idea that Elizabeth Berkley was married to fashion designer Greg Lauren. I also had no idea that Greg Lauren shares my birthday. I’m always Googling people who were born the same day as me. How did this one get past me? He’s a fashion designer, after all!

Anyway, I’m a huge Elizabeth Berkley fan because “Showgirls” is my favorite movie of all time. I knew that the actress who played Nomi Malone is a Leo, so I’m sort of surprised to see that she’s married to a Capricorn. Just the other day, I started writing a post profiling Iman on her birthday that quickly morphed into a chart comparison between her and her longtime husband, David Bowie. I couldn’t believe that a Leo and a Capricorn had such a legendary relationship because it seems like a pairing that should be doomed from the start.

I know that sun signs aren’t the only factor to consider when evaluating compatibility, but that doesn’t mean that sun signs should be ignored in synastry charts.

I should really pull up their charts and have a closer look at them, but right now I’m going to go have a look at my own chart. For some reason, the universe is pointing me in a weird direction. Last year on this day, I published a post about Julie Chen, my fellow Capricorn who is born on the exact same day as Greg Lauren: January 6, 1970. Why I have been drawn toward these charts on this exact day two years in a row instead of actually writing about the celebrities who were born on this day?

Maybe it’s all just a coincidence, and maybe it’s not. Nevertheless, paying attention to patterns is what astrologers do, so I would be foolish to ignore this little bit of cosmic weirdness . . .

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